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Most Common People Users Catfish As On SpaceHey



Transparent Catfish Background @ Pngimages.pics
SpaceHey is not safe from the same thing that once plagued us MySpace users just trying to have a good time and trying to make some new friends. You always want to find people who like the same stuff as you, and bonus points if they look cool too! It would be awesome to have your profile picture in their Top8 right? Or to be featured on their share of a whore train. Or best of all, have them make do a Sign4Sign with you...that is if they are who they say they are.

I have noticed a handful of catfishers on here. And I mean A LOT. I add these people because personally, I don't care what the hell they look like, they have a good taste in music usually. And it is usually likely I will never speak to them. But these are usually younger people. A lot of them do not realize a huge chunk of the userbase on this website used to be on MySpace. And all of these photos, were mostly people in the group known back then as "Aesthetic Perfection" (not to be confused with the MySpace industrial pop band with the same name). And a lot of us WERE catfished with these same photos too! I am going to provide a list of people on here that get their photos stolen the most, for others to see for reference! And to people who have other's photos as your profile photo, PLEASE STATE IT ISNT YOU OR CHANGE IT TO SOMETHING ELSE. IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR IDENTITY PROTECTED AND DONT WANT TO GIVE CREDIT, USE A BAND PICTURE OR DRAWING INSTEAD. 


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I hope this helps you guys! Another tip if you are not sure of the authenticity of someone's profile picture is to simply right click the photo and click on 'search google for image'. If it shows up on multiple websites, especially Pintrest, the person you are talking to is catfishing you! 

You can also check out this scene queen archive that has hundreds of documented old scene girls from various social medias in the 2000s, all in alphabetical order (courtesy of user TJ Tomorrowtoday for showing me this in the comments):

Stay safe, and always report someone for creepy behavior! NEVER share personal info with someone, no matter how hot they are, unless you know them WELL. Stay safe yall!

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TJ Tomorrowtoday

TJ Tomorrowtoday's profile picture

I have an entire blogspot post of every old scene queen from tumblr and from myspace / vampirefreaks the link is https://thescenebible.blogspot.com/2021/10/blog-post.html?m=1

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Oh my god you are a hero. Mind if I add this link into the blog? I will make sure to credit you for the website of course! I think this would be a great tool to help people find if the photo of an account their talking to is in this archive!

by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX; ; Report

Yesyes of course I'll send you the link to the old scene kings one as well once it's finished!! x

by TJ Tomorrowtoday; ; Report

Thank you so much!!!

by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX; ; Report

not only is this a great tool but it's also just rad to scroll through the pics and be nostalgic

by awkward.violence; ; Report


katluv777's profile picture

super cool!! i dont claim to be any of the ppl in my pfps/profiles lolz

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in water

in water's profile picture

lmao i feel like getting catfished by someone pretending to be alex evans was like a rite of passage on myspace

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james casualty

james casualty's profile picture

seeing as how those pictures are so old, and were at a time when they looked really young, it’s probably predator poachers decoys trying to find pervs to expose.

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I like that expose idea, it helps really weed out the gross fucks on here. I hope someone compiles a good list of them and puts them in a beware blog and gets them blacklisted off of spacehey. Hell, even get them in a full on investigation.

by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX; ; Report

start watching predator poacher videos on youtube and study how they do it and then you could make your own channel. "scene kids against preds" xD

by james casualty; ; Report


xXtoonish.kidXx's profile picture

My profile picture is not me lol and it probably won't be for while. It's just a drawing I found on Google

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necrophcodr's profile picture

This is pretty good content! Thanks for keeping people more informed, that should always be rewarded!

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rai's profile picture

Thank you for your support for spacehey to become a safer space for friends! 2 kudos has been added

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marl.'s profile picture

i'm not the kind of person to post irl pictures of myself or use a picture of me irl as my pfp, but dang, if my pics get used for catfishing purposes i'd be devastated..

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ʚArtemisɞ's profile picture

yeah i noticed too but i usually decline people like that in case they are trying to lure people in traps but like always this is like Myspace and there is gonna be catfishes everywhere

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Psychedelic's profile picture

omg wow ive always wondered who these people were, thank u for providing the names !! i was never around for the myspace era (i was BORN in 2005) & so ive just always seen these photos scattered around the internet with no actual names attached :P thank you for answering some lifelong questions of mine lol

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SALEM's profile picture

tysm for making this list!!

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Erica 's profile picture

I love when people can be themselves. Being real and true of who a person is really makes all the difference.

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Mikey Mike

Mikey Mike's profile picture

Thank you, this is actually really helpful and I didn't know it was this bad

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SpiritsSadmin's profile picture

Lol it's so weird how you end up meeting the same 5 people over and over with different names huh? /s

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Xx_kairosemustdie_xX's profile picture

ty for thisss1!!!111! it rlly sucks that the catfishing is back but its bound to happen on all social media sites i guess.

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Avi's profile picture

Oh god the catfishers are back

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✩✧ωιℓ вℓυє✧✩

✩✧ωιℓ вℓυє✧✩'s profile picture

Thank you for caring about us and letting us know that we must be careful. (*^▽^*)

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Salacia's profile picture

damn, they even made the catfishing authentic in this recreation of myspace

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KLCY's profile picture

so many memories unlocked with these pics xD but yeah it's been weird to see people using them and not noting anywhere it's not a pic of them

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hxllxw-eyez's profile picture

Oh, man... i only know what a handful of these people look like nowadays, but they almost all "grew out of this" and tbh thats fkn sad as hell.

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The only one that I know of that hasn't changed is Melissa Marie Green. She is still very active with the scene too surprisingly. She's OG and a total legend.

by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX; ; Report

that's good to hear, i'd be heartbroken if not a single one listed was still in the scene, i just don't keep up w/ or know a lot of the ppl listed lol

by hxllxw-eyez; ; Report