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october 25. 2023

hii guys 

ive been going thru a lot of stuff im not super into talking abt rn. il probably not talk abt it much but its been like extremely soul crushing

ive been just crying all the time and my anxiety is so high and i feel so behind with how i should feel. 

im stressed im sad and im really upset i guess

im applying for a few apartments now so hopefully that will work out  and i can get out of here. i think il be a lot happier with my own space so i know im safe and i dont need to be so drained like i am living here. i just wanna live a normal happy life n even tho i probably wont be safer outside i know my home will at least be secure so that i can take shelter when i get there

on happier note i got the phone ive been wanting for awhile its a dual sim so i can have my phone line and data line on the same phone. its the galaxy folder 2. its exactly what ive been needing. i still need to grab a micro sd card but il do that when i get paid its not urgent but i will need it eventually 

i put a little death note charm and heart charm on it. trying to figure out pic embeds that dont break so when i do il post all my phones (im at 5 but with this one i only need to use one at a time!! thankfully)

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