Final Frontier Episode 3, Boogull Revolutionary Transport

 This is my Scum and Villainy campaign called Final Frontier. It takes place in a rather surreal universe. It's a space opera type of campaign, so imagine a sort of Cowboy Bebop/Firefly vibe. It's not extremely serious.
If you want, my blog has the first episode. click here

Characters are as follows.

  1. Beavis "Sawdust" Redwood, an anthropomorphic beaver person, a hardened criminal.
  2. Gloukrosh, a Spectre, a former religious fellow who has been ostracized from his chapter.
  3. Saul-Lano "Juggler", a human mechanic with an affinity for juggalos and clowns.
  4. Audrey "Selina" Dunn, a human doctor with a love for the finer things in life.
  5. Victor "Gambit" Tarkin, a human pilot of Galactic Union descent, looking for adventure on the rim of the GU. Former Military.

We were missing a player this day, Juggler. He unfortunately got into a scuffle with the law involving assault and battery. He was in space-jail at the time. Also everyone was late, so this episode was kinda rushed.

The crew is in need of a job. They decide to accept a transport mission from Ora, an info broker. They are to transport a Boogull General to the Cove where he will acquire weapons and mercenaries. They travel to Pegasus and meet a Boogull diplomat at the Green Bar. There, Sawdust asks for more money by attempting to SWAY and succeeds. They’ll be paid 4 ducketts. They are then led to Barriac Village where they meet the general, General Blort. Once they launch they are harassed by Battro, a bounty hunter who's after Sawdust. Victor Tarkin rolls a HELM roll  and decides to ram the ship into Battro’s thrusters, damaging the thrusters and damaging Victor’s ship. They jump and arrive at the Bali Passage. There they are stopped by a GU patrol ship. They panic, due to General Blort’s bounty and manage to convince him to hide in a box. Battro, with his ship shoddily repaired, returns and calls the ship. Sawdust hangs up on him. The crew attempts to dock with the GU ship. Battro attempts to install a virus on the ship and is rebuffed by Sawdust’s hacking, causing the virus to affect Battro’s ship instead. The ship is raided by GU police officers, they are arrested under suspicion of using illegal viruses. The crew denies these claims but are detained nonetheless. After a few hours of waiting, a guard arrives and tells them that they are free to go, except for Sawdust, who will be transferred over to Battro's ship, after he bribed the GU guard with 20 ducketts. Sawdust finds out his bounty is worth 60 ducketts. Sawdust is transferred to the brig in Battro’s ship. Ghol attempts to sneak into Battro’s ship, but the door closes before he can enter. He ATTUNES to the way and makes his spear into a psyblade, allowing him to cut through Battro’s airlock door. Once there he slips into the vents. Ghol comes across Battro in the cockpit, pulls out his blaster, and attempts to shoot him, a SCRAP roll. Ghol misses. Battro, seeing one of his consoles is gone, rips off the air vent where Ghol is hiding and pulls him out. They scuffle for a bit, before Ghol is knocked out. Sawdust reveals he’s wearing a bomb vest and threatens to kill them all if he is not released. Battro calls the GU ship, Sawdust warns him not to. Battro, calling his bluff, continues to call the ship. Sawdust detonates the vest and blows his legs off. He manages to escape from his now destroyed cell, where Ghol grabs him and they slip into a vent. A small hole is created in the ship. Battro seals off the cockpit. GU guards and mechanics enter into the ship. Ghol and Sawdust escape and scramble to their ship. Victor prepares to launch, but is told to stay due to the explosion. He launches anyway. Two fighters are launched from the patrol ship and harass the crew’s ship. Audrey DOCTORS Sawdust and manages to stabilize him. Victor attempts to jump, but they fail, due to damage to the jump drive. Their mechanic, unfortunately, was in jail. Victor attempts to RIG the ship’s jump drive but fails, damaging it further. He tries to outrun the fighters and manages to escape their range, but not without sustaining some damage. The ship limps to Nightfall. There they go looking for a cybernetic doctor to fix Sawdust. They question a sign spinner guy at the Golden Arrowhead who offers to tell them for one duckett. Ghol COMMANDS him and threatens violence and the guy shows Ghol the alley where they can help their friend. A cat-person fiending for Catnip harassed Ghol and he decides to leave. He returns with drugs and throws it far down the alley, the cat-person chases for it.

They look around and finally find a door with a drawing of a robot arm next to it. They knock to no reply. They find it unlocked and enter. A bell chimes as a skinny man with cybernetics emerges, A creepy man with a raspy voice. He introduces himself as Slick and asks how he can help. The crew shows him Sawdust and he begins to pet and caress Sawdust, remarking how rare his species is. For 3 ducketts he puts on a new set of legs onto Sawdust.

Sawdust insists on being called Nuts and Bolts now.

The crew asks Slick if he knows of a mechanic and he recommends Triv, a rival of Victor Tarkin, due to an unpaid debt. Victor goes to the Golden Arrowhead and the crew goes to Triv.

Triv remarks on the ship's familiarity and shows the crew where she wrote her initials on the ship, showing that she worked on it. The crew  convinces Triv that they bought it from Victor, spreading a lie that he's on a planet. Triv remarks that she'll send her "Repo Crew" there to handle him. The crew pays Triv one duckett to repair the ship’s jump drive. The crew, now with a repaired ship, launches from Nightfall as they see Battro land on Nightfall, waving his fist at the now departing ship. 

They jump to The Cove. There they go to Yattu, where General Blort buys his Mercenaries and weapons. They also find another mechanic. They pay a Clown Pirate named Kenn to install Pulsion cannons on the ship. Victor repairs the ships hull himself, something they couldn't afford to pay Triv for. After this they launch. They fly to the Bali Passage where they are chased by a GU ship. They eventually halt. The GU ship prepares to dock and announces the ship is under arrest. The ship about to be boarded when the Crew convinces General Blort and his mercenaries to kill the GU soldiers boarding the ship. They proceed to kill all soldiers on the ship. The Mercenaries board the ship, looting it. Sawdust dons a spacesuit and spray paints on the GU ship, “Battro wuz here”.

After, The crew jump back to Pegasus and drop off General Blort and his gang of mercenaries. The crew get paid and spend some downtime in Pegasus.

------Galactic Union Holo-News-----------
Boogull warlord and Revolutionary, General Blort leads an army of Boogulls and Mercenaries and attacks the Pegasus dam project. 20 civilians are killed, 5 mercenaries are killed, and 13 guards are killed. The Boogull rebels destroy all resources that have been amassed to build the Pegasus dam as well as destroying any infrastructure already built. The proposed damage is over 100 ducketts. This comes after public outcry from Boogull rights activists claiming the dam cuts off the water supply of their villages. The GU military is preparing an assault on the perceived base of the Boogull rebels.

It is believed General Blort was assisted by a ship that has committed numerous crimes such as, detonation of a explosive device, resisting arrest, aiding a known fugitive, and unlawful possession of a weapon. Proposed causalities are at 20 GU soldiers. Any information that leads to the arrests of these criminals will be rewarded.

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