Final Frontier Tabletop RPG, First Session

A story about the first session of Final Frontier, a space-opera rpg using the scum and villainy ruleset but a custom world built by me and my friends. Feel free to send any questions. My players are as follows. 

  1. Beavis "Sawdust" Redwood, an anthropomorphic beaver person, a hardened criminal.
  2. Gloukrosh, a Spectre, a former religious fellow who has been ostracized from his chapter.
  3. Saul-Lano "Juggler", a human mechanic with an affinity for juggalos and clowns.
  4. Audrey "Selina" Dunn, a human doctor with a love for the finer things in life.
  5. Victor "Gambit" Tarkin, a human pilot of Galactic Union descent, looking for adventure on the rim of the GU. Former Military.

The crew has accepted a mission from a crime boss on the planet Nightfall, the delivery of a sealed steel cylinder. They are to deliver it to a "Mr. Jibbler" on the planet Warren, in the Little Ricky's Bar. Before they leave, they come to find out that their employer has been murdered. The crew decides to book it to Warren and finish the job in order to obtain payment from "Mr. Jibbler". The crew lands on Warren with little issue. Sawdust and Gambit decide to deliver the cylinder. When they arrive at Little Ricky's Bar, they ask the bouncer for a Mr. Jibbler, as their contract requested. They are led to a private room. As they turn the corner to the private booth, they realize the person they are looking for is missing their head. Blood is splattered across the booth walls. Sawdust and Gambit decide to search the body and find an ID for Jared Jibbler and find out he's an archeologist . As this is happening they hear some talking behind the door of the private room. They then hear a knock on the door. Fearing they may be arrested for a murder they did not commit, Gambit and Sawdust escape through the fire escape door and chased through the outskirts of Warren. Sawdust and Gambit both run through the alleys but are pursued closely. The people chasing them are dressed like Warren officers, but Gambit has his doubts. They find a fire escape ladder when they are cornered in an alley and make a Scramble check. They have a partial success, as they are climbing up the ladder onto the roof of the apartments, Gambit is shot in the arm. The two find themselves atop the roof of the building. Looking around for a possible escape they discover a hatch. They escape down it and into the abandoned upper apartments. They proceed to climb down the stairs and find themselves in the lobby. They run out the front door and hail a taxi. As soon as they get in one, the "officers" come running out the door. They begin to open fire on the taxi. Gambit rolls against Scrap, CRITICAL SUCCESS. Gambit opens fire on the "officers, killing one of them as they make a clean getaway. They pay their taxi driver and arrive at port, where they quickly launch, leaving Warren. While on the ship, the crew decides to open the sealed steel cylinder. As they open it, they find within an abnormal key, shrouded in a darkness that could be confused for the void of space itself. Gloukrosh asks a contact of his about the artifact but is unable to get a direct answer due to the crew being unwilling to show the artifact itself. They decide to head to The Cove, a pirate outpost in The Breach, where they meet with Yattu, one of Gambit's contacts and a crime boss. There, they take a job smuggling drugs into the ADE. They are also tasked with another mission, to kill Stan-B15, who currently owes a large debt to Yattu. They are given forged documents to assist with their mission and told that Stan-B15 is currently working on a forced labor camp, a factory. 

And the session ends there. I'll probably post what happens when the next session comes around.

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