Final Frontier Episode 2, The Murder Plot

Hey, not sure if I posted this here. This is my Scum and Villainy campaign called Final Frontier. It takes place in a rather surreal universe. It's a space opera type of campaign, so imagine a sort of Cowboy Bebop/Firefly vibe. It's not extremely serious. Anyways characters are as follows
If you want, my blog has the first episode. click here

This one take place in a section of the Galaxy conquered by the American Dad Empire, a space empire that is populated by characters of American Dad, mainly the family members. No one is sure where they came from. They're one of the Galactic Union's main rivals. 

Characters are as follows.

  1. Beavis "Sawdust" Redwood, an anthropomorphic beaver person, a hardened criminal.
  2. Gloukrosh, a Spectre, a former religious fellow who has been ostracized from his chapter.
  3. Saul-Lano "Juggler", a human mechanic with an affinity for juggalos and clowns.
  4. Audrey "Selina" Dunn, a human doctor with a love for the finer things in life.
  5. Victor "Gambit" Tarkin, a human pilot of Galactic Union descent, looking for adventure on the rim of the GU. Former Military.

Crew accepted a drug smuggling mission and a bounty hunting mission. They are delivering drugs to a contact in the ADE and then murdering someone who owes a large debt to their employer, Yattu.

 After launching from the Cove, the crew are intercepted by two ships, both owned by Jackeev, a drug dealer who dislikes the crew member Audrey. They are told to jettison their cargo or die.

Quickly thinking, Sawdust decides to jettison some garbage filled crates. Jackeev falls for this trick and the crew jumps away into ADE space, the Holt System. There, they are stopped by a Border Patrol agent who examines the cargo being brought in and checks over their papers. Unfortunately, a mistake on the papers results in the Border Patrol agent, Roger, requesting a bribe, the crew’s final duckett. Sawdust manages to sway Roger by flirting with them, unfortunately, Sawdust is now on Roger’s to fuck list. The crew manages to make it to the Stan System, landing on Stan-M15, at Stanford. There they meet their contact Haley, smoking a joint. The crew attempts to banter with her, but she gives them the cold shoulder, telling them she prefers to keep their encounter purely business. She gives the players 5 ducketts for the safe transport of drugs. The crew questions her about labor camps but finds out little from her. She suggests they try the undesirable district. They walk around and finally arrive at the undesirables district. Sawdust is harassed by the local children as they try to steal his items, but he quickly slams one onto the concrete, killing him. The rest of the children run off. A homeless Rodger approaches the party and tells Sawdust he liked what Sawdust did.

The party asks Rodger about labor camps and Rodger agrees to show them the camp where Defective Stans are kept. Rodger brings them to the forest and leads them to the camp. Once there, the crew tries to brew up a plan, but this is ruined when Rodger hops out onto the road and begins screaming that there are some escaped convicts over here. He is promptly shot by a sniper. A search group leaves the labor camp and everyone scrambles for a hiding spot. Audrey, Juggler, and Viktor manage to fit themselves in a small hole and cover themselves with foliage. Sawdust pretends to be a beaver while Ghol attempts to hide, but fails. The guards ignore Ghol though, as they are more interested in the 4’8” beaver. They call for animal control on the radio. An Animal Control Stan comes running with a cage. As soon as he arrives, the rest of the crew hops out of their hole and shoots the guards. The Animal Control Stan panics and runs out onto the road. The crew shoots him in the leg. Sawdust and Viktor run out and grab him, but Sawdust is shot in the arm. Another shot rings out and it hits the Stan they’re carrying. 

They bring this Stan back from Stanford, in the poorer district where they rent a hotel room. The crew buys Stan Costumes from a Costume store. They interrogate Stan and find out that Recreation time is once a month and is happening in two days. The crew also finds out the Exterminator is coming as well. The crew kills Animal Control Stan. Juggler spends some time around the labor camp at night, setting up explosives. Juggler also makes some fake nameplates.

Viktor and Sawdust dig two tunnels below the fence as a way to get inside the camp.

On the day the exterminators arrive, Sawdust forgets about the signal for recreation time and enters into the square once the exterminators arrive. They begin panicking and one approaches him with a gas-blower. Viktor and Ghol make their way behind a sniper tower through their tunnel to the south. Viktor is promptly shot in the arm. During this chaos Ghol dresses as Stan and infiltrates his way into the factory, after being dragged in by a guard. He is put to work for the day where spends the rest of his time. Sawdust pulls out his blaster and attempts to shoot the exterminator, but he misses, both times. The exterminator blasts him with a sleeping gas and puts him in his cage. They put him away in their van, shaped like person's head. They begin to enter the actual building now. Viktor quickly scrambles to the Van, hops in, puts it into reverse and plows through the south gate. Sawdust’s cage breaks and he is thrown around the back. He awakes. Viktor opens up the van door and Juggler and Audrey hop in as they drive off. 

Ghol continues to blend in, working away in an empty space. He talks to a few Stans, but nothing reveals anything. He attempts to attune to the Way and knows that he is nearby. He waits until the evening. He is assigned to live with B unit Stans. He attunes to the way and finds where Stan-B15 is, 4 bunks down. He skulks his way down to the bed, where he finds Stan-B15. He pulls out some drugs and injects them into Stan-B15. Ghol finds a vent nearby and slides his way inside, eventually finding himself on the roof of the factory. He radioed the rest of the crew. Juggler detonates the explosives, drawing all the guards outside. He rigs the van to crash into the factory and lets it rip. The van plows down the road, crushing three guards and eventually crashing into the factory. A toxic green gas begins to leak as Ghol uses his grappling hook to escape. The crew promptly runs back to the space port. Where they launch and jump to the Pegasus system.

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