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My funky music taste

Hai, hellouz. 

This time let's vibe with a music blog!

My music taste has been changing throughout the ages, from ~10 to ~19 years old me been listening to different music until later on I just got more consistent with what I like. The kid me been listening to Greenskeeper, Brad Sucks, yeah yeah yeahs, paramore, lady gaga, katy perry, a-ha, skindred n so many more artists. It was a scattered mess of a music exploration, mostly I was finding music from games n obscure website exploration. I still love revisiting n finding songs n music that remind me of the 2000s n 2010s. I found out at age of ~18-19 that listening to lorne n some other sad sounding music felt extra depressing paired with the dead af winter season n the surrounding of the bus stop I was waiting at.

So let's get to the point of me from 19 to nowadays where I become picky n choose a few artists I like n add up occasional specific banger track from other artists. Right now I got stuck around with:

Yeah yeah yeahs/Karen O, 

Mystery Skulls,

Lemon Demon,

And eventually Nelward.

These artists have a lot of tracks I like. So I'll just cover a bit about them. Afterwards I'll mention artists that I listen to their specific banger tracks they have.

Yeah yeah yeahs / Karen O - I discovered it from checking out some gaia online queen of hearts cosplay character profile that had the "Heads will roll" playing on the profile, that song was added forever in my playlist and I still listen to it :DDD . But fr Karen is sutch a good singer, I love her voice! She also has separate artist (Karen O) tracks not related to yeah yeah yeahs, those are absolute bangers as well! Music from yeah yeah yeahs / Karen O: Different Today , Burning ( These are from a recent album by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the album is awesome and I'm so happy there's new tracks from Yeah yeah yeahs! ), Zero,   REDEEMER (holy crap this slaps so hard ), YO! MY SAINT .

Mystery Skulls - this is my nr. 1 fav music artist, right next to Nelward (they are both nr. one in my heart XDD). Mystery Skulls is the most amazing electro funk artist ever, the funky synths and inclusion of other artists n vocals, instruments just go haaaaaard!!!! My first song discovery was from the music video that was somewhat trending on youtube - Ghost . I liked the song so I added it to my playlist. Later on I discover another song by Mystery Skulls from a MLP FIM edit and I loved it, made me decide to check other songs by Mystery Skulls. At first I wasn't that used to the falseto of Mystery Skulls songs, but eventually it grew on me makin' me apreciate funk with falseto a lot, so everything by Mystery Skulls became absolute banger for me! It's like me getting into Lays strong chilli n lime chips and they taste weird at the beginning until they become my favorite. I also listen to some Mystery Skulls remixes! Some fun facts I'd share is that the singer Luis Dubuc made music under the name of "Dominic Marceux", "The Secret Handshake", OH AND HE also did metal :DDD the band name "Of legends stranded". I'm so a fan boy of MS that I made a playlist trying to include most of the music by MS/Luis Dubuc https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjgVKrGDVBEzeY-H8I3fgpwvE_ravwh4X . Anyways here's some bangers from Mystery Skulls (I'll also include some other projects Luis Dubuc was in): Magic (this is such a fucking banger!!! THE INSTRUMENTS AND VOCALS!! THE FUNK!!!! THE BASS BY NILE RODGERS!!!!!!???!?!? ),  Pompeya - Real (MS remix) (this is my fav remix), Paralyzed (addictive af, the synths just bang! just in general the whole "forever" album is sooo good!!! I do recommend checking it all!), One Of UsEndlessly (these songs remind me of times going on my way to my least favorite job and just having this play on my phone, kind of letting me forget about the crappy workplace), StrongerWhat Love Is Back to life (HOLY CRAP EVER SINCE HE RELEASED BACK TO LIFE ALBUM, THE TRACKS ARE ADDICTING FUNKIEST BANGERS!!!), It's Mine (This one is less falseto, LUIS GOING FULL ON TEXAN HERE HELL YEAH!),  Far Away (this one is really unique!), Glass Casket (this one makes me think of driving a cyber herse with a bunch of skeletons dancing holding a glowing glass casket), Deep End (unreleased song, but this is sooooo good! THE SYNTHS GO HARD!!), Beam Me Up (Beam me up album from last year is soo good! Mystery Skulls bringing something unique and interesting with each new album! ), Invincible (This right here, THIS IS A power fantasy of a song! THE CHORD THAT PLAYS IN THIS SONG GOES HARD! The lyrics are so encouraging and powerful!! I used it on my profile. It fucking fits my Tatsu0ni OC n his story soo much! I LOVE IT!),  Peach Colored Wine (Luis Dubuc's unique projects on Fischer n Forde, it's so funky!!),Just Getting StartedDream Come True (Gold Album released this year and this album is truly GOLD!), Every Single Day Is Another Chance You've Got to Turn It All Around (My fav from Gold Album, more of that funky beat!).

I leave my number one favorite song ever for the last by Mystery Skulls, this right here bro I FUCKING LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! THIS IS HANDS DOWN VIBING SO HARD!!! I loved hearing it on stream where he was showing his process of making the music live! And I got to hear it on premiere when it aired, I had to wake up at 6 am to hear it and hands down that made my best morning ever!! Here it is - DON'T FUCK WITH MY MONEY

Nelward - again like I said this is my other fav music artist. This guy right here if I would define his music it would be that quirky earthbound inspired music artist. He'd also fit in with other artists like Lemon Demon, Jack Stauber n similar silly fellas. I found him on tumblr when Sr. Pelo shared bunch of awesome fanmade Earthbound soundtracks and those were by Nelward, he used to make a lot of soundtracks back then and he still does occasionally. That also kinda made me fall in love with soundcloud and it's soundtrack composers. And at some point Nelward started making songs, and let me tell you those are absolute bangers that gets even better with each track, he tries to perfect his music more and more and you can hear it!! There's also lots of different genres he does with each song and collaborative piece. He does songs with very nonsense (sometimes even unhinged in a funny way) type of lyrics, that probably have some sort of meaning (I aint no philosopher to decipher the meaning of each track lmao) and they are soo fucking catchy I even love to quote them sometimes!!! Eh fugg it let's insert a lyrics that come in to my mind right now "Chewtoys chewtoys chewtoys in your food, cause even when you when you lose OOPS, NOW YOU KNOW THAT I'M A sadboi sadboi sadboi". Anyways. Here's some bangers by Nelward: THERE'S A Ghost IN MY HOME BUT IT'S BETTER THAN BEING ALONE   , Sleepwalk (super funky!), Never Wanna Fall In Love With Uif u think of meSmash ThruMy Balloon (it's a bit sad, but really good!), Nelward x Hip Colour - Amber Island (a colaborative piece, this one is sort of like a comfort music for me especialy with the end part of the lyrics), GumdropsCosmic relief (this one gives me big unhinged vibes and it's soo catchy!!), girl i'm so sorry broClose Talker (This one reminds me a lot of the Jimmy and The Pulsating Mass OST with certain instruments used here), thru the nite (this one has some nightdrive vibes), getting betterapple shampoothe sum of all our sirens (This is sooo catchy and I'm addicted to it!), buttercup (This one's from this year and boy is it a banger!), u can be my loverrealife (this one has some 80s vibes a bit), omniboi - Omni-Vision (Feat. Nelward) (it's a collaborative piece), SADBOI (super nonsensically unhinged and the catchynes of this song is going through the roof!).

My top favorite song by Nelward is Lydia, the chord just slaps in the begining and it goes for the most funkiest beat ever!

Lemon Demon - I've found lemon demon since I've watched that one Newgrounds Albino sheep animation of "Geeks in love", at some point I decided to listen to Lemon Demon more, I like the Spirit Phone album like probably everyone else does :v . I'm not sure what song is my fav by Lemon Demon, so I'd probably pick Cabinet Man . The other songs I listen to: Eighth Wonder, Touch-Tone Telephone, Spiral of Ants, When He Died. Ocassionally I listen to a bunch of any other songs if I'm in a mood for it.

Alright onto the next bit - specific tracks from various artists: 

One T + Cool T - The magic key , One-T, Boogie Fre$h, Cool-T - CHECK UP (these guys made a couple of bangers, the first one I heard it in my childhood and rediscovered it again);

Gorillaz - DareGorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Got in the mood to listening to Gorillaz time to time);

The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (I really like the synths here); 

Zedd - Spectrum (Assertive remix)Zedd (feat. Foxes) - Clarity (Assertive Remix)  (Assertive used to make brony music, then moved onto making different remixes, I dunno these two specific remixes I like the most from Assertive);

C2C - Delta (This is super catchy and the bass is funky good!);

Ginger Root - Weather (I really love how he does somewhat screaming vocals at some points, Nelward does that too in some points as well),  Ginger Root - Loretta (FUNKY AND SUPER CATCHY WOWZA!);

Beardy - in love (Stumbled upon this on soundcloud);

Better Call Saul Theme (I love this op song so much!);

A Lone Prayer from the Persona 1 soundtrack (truly epic, as always I love hearing synths);

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime;

ALI - Beastars OP Wild Side (I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH BEASTARS, PLUS THE RELEASE OF THE ANIME WITH THIS BANGER made me listen to this non stop lmao);

So yeah, that's pretty much it. I guess my type of music mostly is funky, synth, bass and whatever unique soundfont/instrument/vocal the artist adds up to spice up the song.

If you want to hear me ramble about soundtracks it's on my other blog.

As for the end section I'll just leave a question for at least some sort of interactivity.

What's the music you listen to? Got something similar maybe? Maybe you have something that gives the 2010s vibe?

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I totally agree with your music taste! I would also recommende Glass Animals! Their older albums and some songs of their recent album are pretty funky and groovy 8]

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Alright, thanks for recommendation ! :v

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