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How low can you go?

You ever realize how much life starts to hits you? Literally me, right now. I deadass bought edibles and applied for jobs with drug testings. Luckily, they rejected me or said I need to file again...in a month. Which makes me happy but like...they had good pay. I was ready to bust my bare ass for $14.50 an hour. Which may not seem like a lot but its enough for me. I just want to build my money back up, especially from how shitty I was with it earlier. Like around August or so...anyways I may apply to this Aldi's. IDK working part time for $16.50 isn't too bad. I would literally scream and claw my eyes out of PURE JOY. Weirdly dystopian of me to be happy...about getting a job. Its better than screaming and clawing my eyes out over Miguel edits all damn day. Which both are reasonable. They're like the same exact thing cause if I saw a 6'9 foot Latin man with a tight ass. I'd cream IMMEDIATELY. I only act like this here and my notes app...not in TikTok comments. Them bitches are...worse :). But I too would love to crawl into his foreskin and lick his leaky urine every time he pissed too??? I get a huge pass cause I've been astronomically down bad for WORSE. WORSE I TELL YOU. Anyways...goodnight xoxo<3

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