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Yearning for silly fashion

I've bothered my partner enough today so I'm about to take my yearning for pretty clothes and dresses to the SpaceHey. Let's get some cunt.

I'm so torn between wanting pretty dresses and knowing that until I fully formed my likes and identity, we've presented as masculine and never worn a dress for, like, ever. Like, as in my family and friends would actively go out of their way to point it out or stare at me which in turn makes me feel Not Great (I know this because it's happened with a skirt and a tank top of all damn things. A tank top! Can I not have any sense of comfort around here in 90 degree weather?!). So I guess the next best thing I have is window shopping on Etsy, yearning, and dressing my sonas in them on simulation games and in my art. Boohoo. (This is me crying a big fat tear, if I could cry right now.)

Anyways, here's my window shopping and things I wish I could absolutely wear without being stared at. I would love nothing more. (Maybe at a future comic convention or something... Then I could pass it off as cosplay.)

How freaking cute is this?! I really like being a dapper little guy but also the poofy skirt makes me run in circles and rip up couches. So fucking cute!!! I'm really short too so I'm sure I'd look cute in it! I suppose this would probably be easiest to piece together, and the puffy blouse would be great to wear with pants too... with a little ribbon... giggle giggle

Screams cries etc.!!! It's really fancy, and the waterside scene is so freaking pretty! The stars hanging off of it, are you kidding??

Honestly I do feel like the material of this one would be a little itchy or bothersome on my arms  brushing against it but it's so pretty. It should be me!!!!!!!!! I should be sitting in that!!!

Honestly I feel the clothing article I'll be most likely to buy in the near future is a frilly blouse because I can wear it casually and not be stared at AS MUCH. Being commented on for different tastes in fashion is fine and I can handle it it it's just a shirt. It looks so pretty and distinguished!

I actually am going to stop because I 1. ran out of dresses I was looking at earlier and 2. need to stop looking at girls I yearn to be before I go insane.

But ermmmm yes I like this fashion style! I've also really liked kogal gyaru fashion.

This is all I have before I do something more productive. Thanks for being my void to rant in!

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AGHH yess !! those all looks so cool, n messing with fashion like that is so fun ! i love to play around w it n just like. wear what's enjoyable. i hope ur able to find things that work for u n make u happy eventually ! make it happen :]

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