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Cleaning and cold

I finally managed to mostly clean my apartment after 3 months of doing absolutely nothing. It took me about 3 hours, bot now I can finally see my floor and am able to use my table. I still do have diches, vacuuming and stuff like that, but it's a good start for now. 

I'm so glad fall break has started, also on the Friday the 13th in the month where Halloween is, which is pretty cool. I absolutely love fall tho, especially late fall. Everything is cold, rainy, moist, gray and you can smell from the cool and crisp air the seasonal depression in others. On top of less people being outside. I also love layering clothes and just cozing in a warm blanket with a cup of tea for a cigarette. I'll probably be making a separate post just to appreciate fall.

Experiment update 1:

It is the 2nd official day of the experiment. The small white spots have grown in to a white thin fuzzy film on top and white mold specs can be observed on the glass sides. Salsa has started forming mold bubbles on the surface. They look like beads sitting on top, but are definitely just bubbles since one popped when I was observing the jar. So far there are more than 10 clear bubbles and more seem to be forming. Pressure seems to have risen in the jar, observed my pushing the lid. I may need to take the experiment outside every few days if the pressure keeps rising to avoid anything from exploding. So far no smell is observed, this is good.

Sidenote: The bubbles are most likely CO2. Has the experiment started producing alcohol? Salsa does have a lot of sugar, and I have dipped a lot of different products in before the experiment, which might have transferred yeast in to the product. I do need to experiment with home made salsa mead in the future.

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