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A list of failed projects.

I've started an astonishing number of projects that I never finished. I will list them in the order that I remember them, and maybe some day I'll make blog entries on each of them -and why they failed.

  • MM, 3-part fanzine of which I only made two issues.
  • CRYOGENICS, a joint effort fanzine I was supposed to edit.
  • TESTAMENT, a webcomic about a guy with a symbiotic armor
  • BLACK SPIDER superhero RPG in RPG maker
  • HUNTERZ, a supernatural webcomic
  • KOTC2, a fighting game in M.U.G.E.N.
  • WTU-RDC, a webcomic about a Frankenstein pastiche
  • ARCHETYPIA, a four-part novel of which I only wrote part 2
  • LEX, a webcomic about a discarded experimental assassin (failed twice)
  • KOW, a parody fanzine about the comic scene of my hometown.
  • TWO FACES, a steampunk western comic
  • KOW XX, an OELVN based on KOW but set twenty years later. 
  • GODLIKES, a joint project, featuring a webcomic and a tabletop RPG
  • C&C, a pen-and-paper RPG (failed twice)
  • TEBofTB&C, a postapocalyptic sword-and-sorcery comic
  • STIGMA, a joint project comic
  • REPUBLIC, a zombie novel
  • CYBERPINK, a Barbie cyberpunk parody comic
  • LEGEND, a comic based on a bootleg fighting game
  • EXTERRA, a postapocalyptic sword-and-sorcery pen-and-paper RPG
  • MONSTER, a tale about a housewife turned vengeful ninja
If any of these piqued your curiosity, tell me in the comments and I'll make a blog entry about it.

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