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Food poisoning and a start of an experiment

I had been wondering why I was feeling so sick and why my hangover this morning was so bad and refused to go away. Come to find out I had been eaten moldy salsa while drunk without realizing and given my self food poisoning. Only realized when I actually smelled and looked at the thing. I haven't had food poisoning before so that's why I didn't

I haven't fully decided if I wanna make it in to a "experiment" of sorts and just let it sit with the lid closed or if I should just throw it away. It's not the fist time I've done this type of thing after all. Last time I had given a friend some pasta in a air tight glass container that he never ended up eating. And since he refused to touch it I decided to see how the mold grows overtime. It sat on his shelf for about 6 months. So I'll probably just let it sit and see how the organisms grow over the course of few months. I'll probably be updating the progress every few days or so, mainly to track the progress.

Well at least I know I'll be able to smoke without worsening my current condition, if I'll be able to get up without throwing up that is.

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