Giving up


ya know that girl I've been raving about in my past blogs? Yeahhhhh I'm abandoning ship. I'm tired of this and, really, I love her so much I fucking hate her. Besides I shouldn't care about this shit anyway.

I don't even see her in real life! I mean I KNOW her in real life, DUH. But we only talk online...ever. frankly that's not changing, considering what I'm saying.

This is so fucking stupid honestly. Anyway I need a cig and a monster, got neither of em, so I'm kinda just standing around looking stupid at some store my parents forced me to go. Typing alla this outside the store. It's nice n chilly, the way I like it. I love night so much. The moon is so gorgeous. If I"m lucky I get to see a couple stars too.

I haven't written a blog entry in forevs.

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