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Shark of the Week - Week 3 Australian Angelshark

With a body similar to ray's , these beautiful sharks are found in Southern and Western Australian waters :3 with barbs by their mouth, these sharks at largest grow around 60 inches, and at average remain at around 30-35 inches. While not considered a large threat to people, it's teeth can still hurt (so don't go around wading the water lookin to grab any)
Australian Angelshark, Squatina australis Regan, 1906 - The Australian  Museum

Much like a flat fish, during the day they remain partially submerged in the sand. Becoming active at night, Their diet consists of nearly anything that can fit in their mouth and comes close enough. This includes small fish, crustaceans, and other small invertebrates.

Squatina australis

Angel sharks have also been called monk fish (their marketed name when used in food) Although they are not to be confused with these silly guys v
Monkfish – The Sea's Most Delicious Monster - On The Water

Luckily Australian angel sharks are not in concern with extinction!

Have a fantastic Thursday :3

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Thank you for this shark info

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Of course :D I love writing these entry's so far so it's my pleasure to share as much about sharks as I can

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