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october 4. 2023

im writing todays blog post 1 hr after waking up but i wanted to write rn so i will not deny myself anything and write.

i got a snake this week!!! hes a baby baby pastel gbi ball python and i have named him thomas. hes got such good manners hes so polite and even tho hes nervous he obviously trusts me not to hurt him and allows me to hold him and move him!!! hes so sweet il post pics at the bottom. (plus a bonus pic of barbie who is in love w him)

finally getting a new dryer today!! its been like almost 2 months without it and as much as i appreciate it i hate that my meema is seeing and folding my stuff n i think she washes on hot which i never do bc its bad for clothes. shes older n used to when detergent like onlyyy worked in hot water or something but i dont sweat or have gross work clothes so theres nothing good to come from washing them on hot.

one of my roommates convinced my mom (the landlord) that she could fix it but continued to delay it and say something else was wrong too and finally said we need to pay 300 for parts so my mom just bought a new one and is trashing this one. i know shes handy n i dont doubt shes smart but i wonder if my roommate was making it worse w out realizing and if we had immediately called a guy he couldve replaced the part we already paid for and had this done long ago.

my new roommate moved in this week shes really polite and quiet and apparently has a pet snake (i saw a tank when she moved in idk any details).  im pretty sure shes also 24 which is nice everyone else is at least 40 so i am very different from them lol.

i also turned off location serviced and im slowly cutting down technology and stuff like that. ive always been scared of this but i think im finally at the point where it is my total enemy. i dont trust technology to make the right decisions and i dont trust the people in charge to make the right decisions either. the data collected on me is enough to frame me in crimes, paint me in a negative light, put me in an unsafe position and in general makes me not safe. 

i always wanna be in charge of my own safety. i want to know how to defend myself and i want to have multiple ways to do that if needed. i want to be unknown and i want privacy.

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prettyyy! <3

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hes so nice im in love

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