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I'm high as shit right now. Its 3am and I feel so aware of the world. Chill on me though. Anyways, I realized how political I'm being. No, not in the sense of consuming it 24/7. I was depressed as shit hearing the government shutdown. Context, I'm in the US. I stayed in bed, feeling anxious. Switching topics: I gotta find a community college to enroll for. I was in Uni but I dropped cause of mental health issues. Anyways, I think Imma try to do community and then Uni. So it'll cost less money. Anything to not be debt before 25. That's like my biggest fear. Of like owing money or some shit. You got me fucked UP LMAOOO. I'm so fucking random, bye. Might take another piece of the eddy. It was low-key strong but I pushed THROUGH!!!

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