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Day 3 of improving myself until I get a girlfriend

Today was wasted, I'll do better tomorrow but today I just practiced my driving skills and then I went to the mall and wasted all my time there searching for an article of clothing. I felt kinda pathetic about it but whatever, there's always tomorrow.

I tried learning this editing software called Da Vinci Resolve too just because I want to learn how to edit like videos and I gotta resume that tomorrow because there's so much to do in that program.

I didn't do much else today. I've got plans tomorrow so I'm gonna start as early as I can.

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Good luck. Improving yourself is hard and progress can often be slow. You may feel like many days are wasted, but that's okay. Burnout is real and taking a slow day is always good. And remember the most important person you should be improving for is YOU, getting a significant other is great, but taking care of yourself is also great.

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Thank you, I'll take this to heart moving forward

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