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Five years

Today marks five years since my son passed away. Two and a half years wasn’t nearly enough time to have with my Tavian Xavier. His absence in my life is reflected as this gnawing black hole in my chest. Tonight, all of my alter candles are lit. The warmth and light coming from them is bringing some life to the part of my heart that grieves for my beautiful boy. 

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Katie ♡

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I decided to check out your blog. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a 3.5 year old son & an almost 2 year old daughter & I can only imagine what you’ve been through. Sending love & hugs 🫂 🩷🩷🩷

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Thank you. It’s very appreciated. I’ve come a long way but it’s still hard some days to breathe. I’m grateful for the time that I did get to have with him.

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