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Struggles, I think? (Writing)

I don't particularly enjoy the idea of growing up and moving on from things in life. I mean, I can't wait to have some freedom and control over my own life, but it's quite frightening.

Another thing that's scary is how quickly some of my friends are making more friends. I'm not afraid of them leaving me behind, I wouldn't say. It's just scary, seeing how they can socialize and not be wary or afraid of other people, when I struggle to hold a conversation over text messages. I don't like comparing myself to others, but I can't help myself in these cases, I guess.

I've also started getting more irritable with some people. I get so upset over such little things. I got into an argument with one of my peers over differing concepts of time. (It's because we have mock exams in two months, I said that's soon, he said it's not. It escalated from there.)

My uncle has also (jokingly, I think) talked to me about marriage, and he kept saying I was going to be getting married next to my partner. I feel it's important to say that my family doesn't know that she's my partner, and that they know her by a boy's name and identity. It's scary to think about.

Hah, sorry to be a downer in a lot of my writing blogs! I'll try and come up with an uplifting poem or story, or something like that next time.

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