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I think I'm being crushed 

O won't someone help me please? 

My neck is being pressured 

To acquaintance with my knees 

I'll need a chiropractor 

No, I'll need a giant cast 

For my entire body 

Is crumbling rather fast 

I don't expect you're worried 

You know it will work out 

"But this time it is different!" 

Scream those little seeds of doubt 

Hydraulics are exacting 

Sweet vengeance on my back 

My ligaments are popping 

And my blood is running black 

With oil, sweat, and sawdust 

I'm bursting at the seams 

I seem to be recording you 

In all my waking dreams 

My skull will be in pieces soon 

If you don't help me out 

I'm a centimetre, millimetre, microme- 


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