mushroom competition (everskies)

i think this is my first rly 'cluttered' looking outfit that kinda fits with what most people like to see on everskies, it was pretty expensive to make so hopefully its a while before theres an actually fun competition lol

i started with the hair because i already had tht in my wardrobe, i think i must have won it earlier?

the face is actually a prize i won in the holoskies competition (which i placed inğŸŽ‰)

i was inspired by melanie martinez' portals creature for the eyes on her head, this is pretty portalscore tbh

the outfit took me some time to figure out because i knew i wanted like an earthy look like yk how in pixie hollow the pixies make outfits out of leaves and stuff? i wanted that, i think i achieved it pretty well

i hope the wings are not too much but tbh ive seen even more cluttered outfits than this and people do like it, i believe in this and im happy with what i did so ill hope for the best now! when i say 'i believe in this' its like i think that i put effort in and im happy and satisfied with what i did

its not my usual style, i like pastels and idk i dont often go for an 'earthy' vibe, but this time i was just feelin inspired

i also layered it w the frames to try and achieve a 3d effect so i hope ppl notice that

i wanted pops of blue to compliment the eyes so i used butterflies id bought for a previous comp but didnt use

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Goes hard

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thank you!!

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