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Reviewing my new wireless earbuds as a wireless hater!

Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored in any way, I just want to try and help out anyone looking for some good, affordable earbuds, I guess. Or find a way to entertain myself.

At the beginning of the month (September 2nd) I bought these earbuds off Amazon (I don't endorse using Amazon, but unfortunately I was tight on money at the time and it was cheaper on Amazon than the direct website). I was hunting for earbuds that I could sleep with them in my ears, as I had to come to accept the fact that sleeping with wired headphones was not possible with my anxiety of getting tangled up in them, and just the general discomfort they brought when laying on my side or moving with them in. I bought these so I can listening to soothing noise to go to sleep when the outside was loud or my noise sensitivity made it hard to fall asleep. 

Ever since then, I've been so grateful I bought them, because it's saved me from a lot of discomfort and sleep deprivation! But I think I should try and write down what I like and dislike about them, in case someone else is on the hunt for something affordable.

Name: Soundpeats Free2 Classic

Price: $29.99

Battery life: Long

Comfort level: 4/5


  • Once you charge them up to 100%, it's difficult to bring them down to 0% I'd say unless you listen to them 24 hours nonstop every day, and even then it's quite slow. I haven't charged mine in about 2 or 3 days, and I use them for about maybe 5 or so hours per day not counting any sleeping (I slept with them last night for about 8 hours), and they're currently at 80%. They're pretty dang resilient. I can't comment on how long it takes for them to charge as usually I just charge them at night or when I'm going to be somewhere I can play things out loud, so I never notice how long it takes.
  • The visual lag isn't as jarring as my other cheaper, clunkier pair. Visual lag is something I hate about wireless buds, but these aren't very noticeable when watching videos. It definitely isn't nonexistent, but it's tolerable. I wouldn't play rhythm games with them without calibration, though.
  • I'm not good at judging audio quality, but these are pretty good quality for the price you pay. It isn't insanely crisp and good like a $100+ pair would get you, but it isn't crappy and distracting or muddling like cheaper pairs. I enjoy listening to music with them.
  • They're comfortable for sleeping on your back, and on your side for bursts of time.
  • Their controls are pretty easy to memorize. One tap for volume (left is less, right is more volume), two taps for pause/play, hold 3 seconds to skip forward or backwards.
  • The microphone works.
  • The egg container they come in is sleek, durable, and cute. I like carrying around my little egg.
  • I'm not sure if this is something to do with my phone or the earbuds, but after a while of inactivity sometimes they tend to unregister or disconnect from my phone. Annoying, but not dealbreaking I'd say.
  • The main point I bought them for. They're comfortable when sleeping or laying on my side, which is good, but not for a long time as even with the small, ear-fitting design, it can still become sore and uncomfortable after a while. I guess this is inevitable, unless you have some $2000 custom made earbuds to fit your ear shape (there's definitely cheaper alternatives, but this was one of the recommendations I read while researching. Insanity, I tell you! But respect, I guess).
  • They get lost pretty easily. I chose white earbuds both because I like the color and because I naively assumed they'd be easier to locate... Yeah, no, due to the size it'll forever be a hunt every time one falls out. (Luckily they stay on throughout the night unless you have some sort of night terrors that involve shaking your head a lot.)
  • I'm mostly just running off the quality I get from Discord playback, which may not be reliable, but the microphone quality is a bit weird, and again it may be my computer but it's a pain in the ass to manually direct the input to the earbuds each time I use them on a call.
  • Lady who says "disconnected" and "connected" is loud and scares me even when I'm prepared for her. I literally haven't heard the Battery Low message yet so I can't say much on that.
I'm not sure what the standard is for wireless earbuds, but I generally can't go across the house with my phone in one room without their connection breaking up. They don't disconnect, the music just starts cutting out. Which is understandable, considering I have thick walls...

TLDR: Honestly I was a bit afraid of buying these because I generally do not like wireless earbuds and believe that they can get lost way too easily and I hate the idea of having to charge your earbuds or be stuck musicless, as music is a big part of my life. However after buying these I think I've warmed up to the idea a lot more. The wireless earbuds I had before were cheap AirPod knockoffs from Marshalls, of course I would be unhappy with them--they lagged and were uncomfortable to wear. However these are a pretty good use of $30 if you don't have enough for the higher end earbuds. I sleep happily to ocean sounds with them on and honestly have started using them more than my wired ones, because the sound of rubber wires rubbing against everything in my ears was ridiculously loud and overwhelming.

I'm still wired earbuds' biggest fan, but I think I've found room in my heart for wireless earbuds too. I would like to marry my soundpeats and kiss them goodnight. I'm not sponsored but man I just like good earbuds.

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i'm glad you got some that work for you !! these def sound fairly nice. i genuinely cannot handle most in ear headphones just bc how sore they make my ears for some reason. i was using airpods for a while just bc iphones don't have headphone jacks n my old ass phone is always dying LMAO. but my dad got those crazy fucking expensive over ear headphone airpods (like $600) and never ended up using them, so he just. gave them to me??? aka i've been using those like constantly. mostly annoying bc you can't really have them half in/on or share with a friend

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WHA no sharing or one earbud in?! That sucks, especially for such an expensive pair ;_; Earbuds are awesome because you can share! (and pop one out to not be totally cut off from the outside world or regulating volume)

But oh my god yeah, the soreness really bugs me especially since I just have headphones in a lot of the time, I've found that the earbuds with the soft nub bits are just way more comfortable than the hard plastic ones like Airpods or its knockoffs. OTL the pain of a chronic music listener!

by Eve ☆彡; ; Report

right !! that's the saddest part about getting over ear headphones. and YEAHH ! that makes sense though, i can only imagine how much nicer they are. but it's still so weird to find good ones that don't end up fucking w your ears after a while. truly a tragic battle for us

by xalli; ; Report


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For some reason, I can't even wear earbuds since my ears are too small nor big to put it in my ears. Because of this, I only wear headphones.

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Dang, that sucks. I'm guessing the little spare nubs that come with earbuds (they give a smaller and larger size) don't help either??

by Eve ☆彡; ; Report