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Diary 1

So I went to my friends' new place for the first time today

First we played marvel mayhem, thats a card game. My dad and I play it at home p often, black panther is super op lol. I lost but it was still fun!

We watched an ep of the rise of the tmnt. One of my friends reminds me of donnie a lot, I have his name saved as tht in my phone lmao

Then we ate lunch which was pretty late for me so I was really hungry, we ate some cheese and crackers earlier (felt like that clay mouse eatin a candy), then we had pasta but i was a bit wary of it cuz i coukd kinda tell its gona burn my stomach later 

We roamed around a part of the building complex, theres 2 pools and one of them has a slide!! I hope I can try that out one day. I found a champa flower which I later put on my friends cats head.

Katy is their cat, shes very small but very rotund. I loved petting her shes like a furry stress ball, very squishy and cute and ROUND. She does this funny thing, its a silent meow like she opens her mouth and is clearly meowing but theres no sound??? 😭😭

Then we played song charades (my idea). I mimed since you've been gone, come and get ur love and hooked on a feeling (u can barely tell I like guardians of the galaxy bet it didnt even come to mind).

The funniest one by far was my friend miming London calling. He first like pretended to pour out tea, then he did this funny motion over his head which we later found out was supposed to be the big hat that the Buckingham Palace guards wear😭 and then he did marching, then he like did this motion around his teeth and made funny faces and we were like what?? And it was the whole stereotype tht British ppl hv bad teeth😭😭😭

Another friend of mine made a late surprise entry, which was really great cuz theyre my best friend! We all watched an episode of rise of the tmnt and then it was time for me 2 go

We clicked some pics together and then my parents picked me up and we went home

I listened to fall out boy, pearl jam and Aerosmith on the way back

I love the song big wave by pearl jam it was on the surfs up soundtrack, esp the 'arms raised upon me' bit

My mom got me some new clothes, a few shirts and a long skirt, which I've been wanting for a while so im really glad to have it, im already planning outfits for it. My parents think I look like a hippie in it so I put on some hippie lookin jewellery I had and I was all like 'dude,,,  chakras are in retrograde,,,,'

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