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this bitch named abdiel

I hate this bitch so much like I ain't even gonna censor his name or whatever so this fat ass faggot named Abdiel wont leave me the fuck alone like he always tryna to start shit then he sets himself up for a failure cause he continues yapping even after the argument been ended then he looks like a fucking idiot like a list of shit he's done

1. called me a fat stinky bitch even tho im like 100 pounds lighter than him and everyone agrees I smell WAY better than him

2. called my mom a Mexican version of Lizzo there's three holes in this my mom isn't even fat she's very much a average weight for a woman of her age and height, she's not even Mexican she's Puerto Rican and was born in San Juan, and he's never even met my mom but ok

3. slut shamed a bunch of girls for the way the look/dress he once called one of the nicest and prettiest girls in our grade the "the school thot" for simply being pretty like sorry your an obese bald as faggot whos hella salty.

4. and he always doin the "what you sayin hoe" shit like bitch not everything is about you

also him and his friend be sayin they gonna jump someone every other day like ugh no one even likes them

like I know damn well he ain't got space hey so he's never gonna see this but


(dw yall im gay too)

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