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september 29. 2023

today was pretty normal i guess. i looked dead in a pretty way that i think il start working w permanently for now! i felt fine all day just kinda moving and having fun chatting w everyone

i found out when i got home that someone else was promoted for the position i was promised 3 promotions ago and have never even been able to apply for or be rejected from bc i find out after its announced.

i dont mind if theres an issue w me that prevents me from being promoted and im rejected. but when im mistaken constantly. support my fellow employees and help them constantly. go out of my way to go on support missions where i actively prove im capable and then on top have more management experience than half the ppl currently acting. 

im honestly really upset and ive put conversations together and realized its bc im too good at my job. ive only ever worked cash shifts bc im good and fast and i get good stats!!! i dont even really try bc my heart is not in cashiering.... duh... i have been vocal abt my interest in the position since before being hired. 

if they hadnt credited me for training someone into the role they got promoted into, for taking responsibility for helping and running the show and for going above and beyond itd be one thing. THEY TOLD ME constantly and even today that im in charge, im being promoted, im basically that role

that is over!!! im not giving labour for free i am not trying to prove myself they know who i am and i am tired. 

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