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So, one thing about me is that I have an unhealthy obsession with i DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME. This morning, we finally got a bunch of news about the next album, GLOOM DIVISION. In a week or so we'll be getting the first single, WHAT LOVE? which is gonna release sometime around 1am in my timezone so I'm not sleeping :3.

Here's my thoughts on the tracklist why not

DOWNSIDE honestly no clue what this is gonna be like, it's the opening track so it's surely a banger. I'm intrigued

GLOOMTOWN BRATS I get the feeling I'm gonna be forcing my friends to listen to this one. Dallon can't deny he's emo now.

INFATUATION Supposedly Dallon's favourite, considering how obsessed I've been with Kiss Goodnight and Clusterhug this is definitely exciting.

WHAT LOVE? So, while the title initially implies it's a song about a loveless relationship or something like that (and it might be) we also had a teaser with the caption "What love could get this violent?" which makes me think it's either about an abusive realtionship, or similar to Mx. Sinister, and about obssession and stalking etc.

SPKOTHDVL obviously a play on "Speak of the Devil" I am very intrigued, I have no clue what the song's gonna be about but I'm definitely gonna be paying attention to it.

SIXFT Six feet, so a grave. The MCR fanatic inside me is excited, I like songs about death.

*FIND ME8 I'm a bit lost here, my guess is it's another love song, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong about that on one.

KISS AND TELL Ironically I don't think this one's a love song. Based solely on the name, my guess it's gonna be kinda like Second Boys Will Be First Choice in that it's framed as a story being told, probably involving some secrets. I'm inspired to draw something.

A LETTER HERE WE GO THIS IS AN OLD BROBECKS SONG. You can actually go download it from here (that's my page, it's not mobile friendly at time of writing) but yeah, that's beautifull, and I can't stop thinking about it.

SATANIC PANIC Oh ho ho here we go. Anyone who plays D&D or is really into pokemon is all to familiar with the Satanic Panic. I doubt this song is that vague, it's probably about something related to satanism or being accused of satanism or something like that, but it does make me excited.

SUNNYSIDE This is either going to be the happiest, or the darkest track on the album, calling it now.

iDIOTS OF Oz So, first thing I notice is the capitalisation. The lower case "i" at the start is obviously similar to the name iDKHOW. But there's a lower case "z" as well, I'm not sure what that means, I'm more confused than anything but I like the mystery.

this album is feeling like it was made for me and me specifically.

I will be back when WHAT LOVE? drops.

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