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I'm tired

I can barely use my left hand for anything. It hurts so much I can't think straight.

Going to do another trip to the hospital when everyone is awake. I'm so tired.

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what's up with it?

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I fell down the stairs a month ago. Smacked my wrist on the door frame and the concrete. The sprain was so bad it could be seen on the xray. It's an edema.

But it has progressed so the point where my wrist and arm is clicking when I move it. I'm typing with one hand because moving it hurts too bad. The pain is sharp.

I have to wait until I can get a ride. I'm epileptic and cannot drive.

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OMG thats terrible!! i really hope you can get it sorted out i cant imagine the pain.

by cheezyneedz; ; Report

Thank you.

I'm going to the doctor when I can. I hope you're doing well.

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I'm good, thanks :3

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