patron saint of stutters and (dis)honesty

ive never been a good liar. my lips are loose enough to sink ships, looser when im this close to your hips, words falling off my tongue in a flurry that can only be understood if you got in my head and picked apart every piece of me. my heart isnt on my sleeve or my cheek but presented on a silver platter, bloody and beating still, my chest ripped open and my ribcage exposed, lungs still pushing out a breath to ask you if its any good. tell me yes, tell me no, tell me its too bitter, the answer doesnt matter to me as long as im given the time of day. im betting on sand spilling from broken hourglasses and the hope doors open instead of getting shut in my face. summer buzzed hot and between hands in your hair and on your hips you asked if it i meant it when i said i loved you. i told you ive never been a good liar.

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