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september 26. 2023

i have complained way too much over someone who never meant much to me i need to APOLOGIZE i just wanted to complain tbh.

my fav part of dating around meeting ppl is truly complaining. bc!!! when i complain i hear my thoughts out loud and i can rly get to the root of whats upsetting me. i rly want to know what i want and i need to have those fulfilled. my ability to be treated wrongly is so so over. i really like being alone. 

i love being lonely and i love who i am when im alone. my heart is tender and nice and i cry a lot and when im alone i can feel how i feel and really experience it!! and no one gets mad at me for my thoughts or if i make the wrong face or if i forget. i even love the darkness in me tht is so big it takes up my whole body i dont have to pretend im light or good.

being alone means i can drink from my silly flask or smoke a few cigs and make meals only i like while i listen to music only i like. i can hit my dab pen as much as i want and wear the comfiest clothes and put my hair up in weird ways

i love being alone and being lonely and i want to have that love for someone else too

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