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Shark of the Week- Week 2 Deepwater catshark

Adding another catshark to our list, the Catshark actually has over 90 species in the family making it the largest family of sharks.

Deepwater Catshark: Most Up-to-Date Encyclopedia, News & Reviews

Also known as Apristurus profundorum. Sadly, there isn't much information on this shark as it's a deepsea creature, and many hardships come with studying deeper sea creatures. These sharks reside in both the Eastern and Western Atlantic ocean and are chondrichthyan, meaning their skeletons are mostly made out of cartilage!

Deepwater catsharks give birth Via eggs, and of recorded sizes have ranged between 50-54 cm.

I will be including no photographs as all photos are post death, feel free to look them up at your own discretion <3

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his face is so silly oh my GOD literally :v

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