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september 25. 2023

i know that im technically late but i really wanted to post something even short as this probably will be.

basically the guy i was writing abt continued to double down w his not listening and trying to reassure me on things i dont need reassurance on. if i want it on anything it will be that i am genuinely liked as a person and not just a shell. 

he said we should do something special but then suggested things that were significantly less than anything weve done but also not really possible here and even something i specifically mentioned i didnt wanna do. picnic idea could be redeemable if we hadnt talked abt the state of the city or whatever n how theres no parks where that would be romantic right now...

i havent rejected him but im finding it hard to pretend im not totally turned off. i dont feel so strongly abt him as ive felt abt all other people ive dated and i dont plan to pretend im into him when im not. at the same time i dont wsnt to cut him off immediately incase he rectifies how he goes abt rhe stuff i have issue w. 

lets try not to think abt it and get some sleep

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