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transphobic “friend”

so I had this “friend” in 3rd hour and she kept misgendering me and she’d misgender and deadname other trans people while knowing their name and pronouns they go by and it overall seemed like she didn’t put in any effort to not be transphobic cause I’d correct her and she’d only say sorry if she misgendered me then she wouldn’t correct herself and go on to misgender me seconds after, or she’s just ignore me when I correct her on other trans peoples names & pronouns as if I never said anything, so I confronted her a few days ago and was nice imo about it, and my real friend can agree with me that I was nice about it, but anyways she reacted in an insanely inappropriate and immature way, she kept telling me to “shut the fuck up” and “leave her alone” and she even told me if I don’t sftu and leave her alone she will block me and stop being my friend, so uh. We aren’t friends anymore and she unadded/blocked me, so uh yeah, kind of nervous to see what will happen during class tomorrow; will update you guys

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JAY >.<

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I hope ur doing good... some people are crazy.

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Honestly she doesn't seem like the type of person you'd want to be friends with anyway, i think you'd be better off without her. She's clearly transphobic and her reaction is a huge red flag. Just keep being normal and nice to her as I assume you are with everyone, but don't get too close to her anymore if she can't see her own problems and won't listen to criticism. I hope you're alright after the interactions though! ^^

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thank you, she wasn’t a person I wanted to be friends with she just kind of “adopted” me as a friend cause we used to know each other in the past but it didn’t even last 1 day so idk why she came back but yeah, I was just being nice and started to consider her a friend but recently I’ve started to notice how fake it was

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Yeah probably for the best anyway. I hope you can get through school without worrying about this too much ^^

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