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watchin the cabinet of dr caligari remake

my dad and I watched the original earlier tonight and it was a little hard to follow sometimes but not nearly as bad as people make it out to be! my only complaint is that the soundtrack didn't match the mood or the scene much of the time, but that was probably more of an issue of the digital recording since silent films' soundtracks had to be played live in theaters back in the 20s. oh wow, it just hit me that now can also be referred to as the 20s…

anyway! we're about 30 minutes into the 2005 remake (currently paused for dinner) and I was delighted at how faithful to the original it is! ngl our expectations were low because of all the bad teen romances that came out of that time as well as the general curse of remakes to be worse than the original, but our doubts were quickly dispelled. it's basically a scene-by-scene remake with actual audible dialogue, but trust me, it's REALLY good. the actors are so expressive! Francis gets to show his melodromatic streak without having to throw himself across the room for us to see it! Alan is a more fleshed-out character! hell, ALL of them are more fleshed-out! Tuvok is there! did I mention the dialogue and the facial expressions? also I really like something about the quality of the audio. it feels like an old recording (while still being comprehensible to someone with sensory processing disorder). the whole thing really preserves the feel of the original - the sharp, imposing industrial buildings, the grim grey monotony, the tons of eyeliner, the expert use of shadows… and honestly? if you told me this was extra content from an ultra-rare The Black Parade cd, I might just believe you. gonna update yall on the rest tomorrow :]

EDIT: here's the link to part 2 of this post! sorry it took so long (if anyone's reading this); my dad and I both have adhd and completely forgot to finish the movie for a while there

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my dad is now on a trip for a band gig but we're still gonna finish watching when he gets back!

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