OC infodump (1)

This is just for me to talk about my OCs :]

I mean, I could just update their Toyhou.se but I kinda wanna ramble about them 

This is one of my favourite OCs- 

An anime style artwork of a person with short black hair wearing a cream coloured shirt, blue jeans, and pink crocs. He also wears and eyepatch and multiple pride flag pins. He is sitting down and holding up a non-binary pride flag. The background features a sunset with clouds and some bushes. There is also some grass.

This is a kinda old artwork, tho x-x 

He's probably one of my favourites because he's very meme-able. He was originally just an RP OC, but eventually he evolved into his own being. 

Originally, they were named "Alexi Thymia" bcs I saw like a thing on Pinterest with the theme of "emotions that are unexplainable" then decided to name him after a word on that list NOT REALISING THAT ALEXITHYMIA IS AN ACTUAL THING PEOPLE GO THROUGH.

So, basically I just changed his name to "Alexi Welsch" when I found out and I was just shook and hoped that I didn't offend anyone :']

Alexi is a sorta dumb guy if I do say so myself. Not dumb, but more like....purposely makes bad decisions. (sometimes not on purpose) I think the word would be "chaotic" but idk. Alexi has a s/o named Narxius but I don't have much artwork of them :[ so yea- I'll just add some art of them (hopefully) next time.

I will now continue in a different blog post and talk about a different OC >:]

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