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playing games w my friends but im like so totally bummed out
fren 1 : do u wanna play val?
fren 2: yes!
me : omg do yk what game u shld play... (to fren 2)
fren 2 : eeehhh idkkki wanna let my anger out on competitive games
me : oh well u can js play (the vn i want her to play) after val then :D
fren 2 : oh but ill probably be asleep after that
nd then we started bickering and that js bummed me out soooo much like i dont even wanna play anymore but i dont wannt be a mood  killer

nd they always told me to let them know if they upsetme or whatever but i dont wanna whine to them like a fucking baby like i always do
nd im js like so sad so ive been quiet the entire time

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