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Shark of the Week! - week 1 Pyjama Shark

WEEK 1 Pyjama Shark

The Pyjama Shark (Also known as the striped catshark) Is a nocturnal creature, and an opportunistic hunter, One of their main food sources being cephalopods as octopuses & squid are some of the few prey they have been seen to actively seek to hunt. 

Similar to Crocodiles 'death roll' Pyjama sharks will bite and twist around to dismember their prey. 

Living around 21 years, They are found around South African coastal waters in kelp beds and reefs. When threatened they will curled in on themselves, covering their head with their tail. Pretty adorable if you ask me >:3!!
A photo of a curled up Pyjama shark
Pyjama sharks are preeetttyyy small compared to other better-known sharks, their largest estimated size only being around 3 feet. (Great whites average size being 13-15 feet, and hammerheads being around 12-15 feet, In fact, the average full size Pyjama shark will be the size of a Hammerheads pup)

Sadly the Pyjama shark is currently under threat of becoming an endangered species :( However numbers of Pyjama sharks have been rising, and they are under protection from commercial fishing since 2005!

Overall this shark is rather shy and skittish, and our shark of the week!

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