Art and Thingys (2)

I made something on MSpaint just now :3

It's just a random thingy because I was looking at tiktok art compilations yesterday and decided to make a sona.

I used my touchpad on my laptop, though. 'Cause I don't fancy using a mouse. ( I find it difficult)

An artwork of my sona. On the left, there is a doodle of him with the caption "me?" followed by an arrow pointing towards it. It is black and white, features comically large eyes. On the left, there is a colored doodle similar to the one before with incomprehensible scribbles and words above its head. There is also a black cat below it. On the left, is a watermark with the words "super epic drawing by: @lambyexists B)"

Anyways I hope everyone reading this has an awesome day or afternoon or night or whatever time it may be in your current zone, world or dimension :D If your universe, however, does not use a measurment of time, then have an awesome existence! :3 (has listened to too many sci-fi podcasts)

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