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Little good boy

Today, I woke up and heard the news that our dog passed away. He's a puppy but already big. His name is inspired by a really strong, brave, and well known TV character. He has this habit of chewing slippers that annoys us all the time. He chews 2 pairs of my slippers, all my sister's slippers, and even my brother's girl's slippers (so funny). I never thought he'd leave so early, I had a bad dream but not about him so i thought nothing of it. I remember how i would scold and sometimes show him slippers to get scared but he's unfazed! One thing i will always remember about him, he's not scared of pain, I can't say i regret it because it's a part of him and us. Wherever my good boy is, please continue being happy! Don't let my tears stop you from being naughty! You're the best boy ever! I've told you that before and i will never get tired of calling you that. I never get to fullfil my promise of coming home with a chicken! Don't worry, I will give you chicken soon and your mama too! Goodbye my angel, you've been very good!

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