Internet Culture: I Cant Breathe

  I feel like culture is determined by how long it can remain in the minds of the population overtime (the weitgeist or world-spirit) and the key to that is to see how long it can remain in the minds of normies before the next new hip thing comes along and buries the old one as a niche interest for people who cant let go or for new kids to go full nostalgia over. 

   Im saying this because im starting to feel a sort of mental, maybe even spiritual whiplash from being on Twitter. Theres always a new hip-thing thats popular to hate or to love which all feels so overwhelmingly superficial, like theyre trying really hard to show how they feel about it while its still there before it disappears into the ether, or some new fucking psyop propaganda piece on a recent news piece that people won't let me think for myself, always asking me to be angry or supportive for them, and even moreso when you see it bleed into reality outside of cyberspace because the wackos fed it to the normies and now its in everything and you can't get away anymore.

  I miss when the internet wasnt in everything and forcing people to obsess over every new thing. I dont think people, as a grand whole, can no longer really let things sink in and i blame the net for that. 

 Does that make sense?

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