hello future (2021)

currently ~ sitting at my newly clean desk with an iced dragonfruit tea candle burning

guess who's happy today! once again i'm choosing not to dwell on the things that are not as ideal and just be content in my lil bubble. definitely helps that im doing social things today so i'm excited for that in preparation hehe. here are some life updates:

- got drug tested finally, fingers crossed my long ass t break has been successful and i don't get dropped from this class cause holy shit would that be frustrating (and a waste of a lot of money)

- i bought 2 new leos and 2 new pointe skirts yesterday because i got paid this week and really want a new yumiko but can't justify the price quite yet (especially cause no returns and wack sizing) so i'm beginning the search for a used one on depop. is this how vintage collectors feel? my god. hopefully sometime i can go to the yumiko store in nyc i think that'd be a fun activity

- my kiddos start classes on monday! excited to meet all of them and hopefully get rolling on content asap! got all my work done in preparation so i am very happy and proud of myself for that:)

- one of the lilies in my bouquet is still blooming so strong even though all the other flowers have since died. something something late bloomer metaphor and all that.

- my confidence journey is still going good. while i'm definitely apprehensive about my exam on sunday and second stick, overly stressing myself out about it is just going to be a surefire way to flop. all i need to do is study and trust my abilities and i will be more than okay.

- god i love chocolate chip cookies theres kinda nothing better.

- back on my goth music grind because it is that time of year ohhh yeah babeeeyyyy

tunez ~ you two so alike by second still

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