Strivin to be like Wendigoon

The content creator, Wendigoon who made that long ass video on Blood Meridian. I just think he has a lovely relationship with Christianity, like he's confident about it but doesn't force it on his viewers. I wish sunday studies would come back honestly. I was thinking of doing something similar to that where I analyze like Bible stories and give my interpretations but a lot of old head, more conservative Christians really disagree with me so I'm a little scared to put that out there. I don't want that kinda toxicity. I've met a lot of Christians in my day and so many of them are so hostile towards queer people. Like putting hate out there is the opposite of what the Bible preaches. Anyway, I was just thinking of doing like Bible studies here. Mostly for myself but if you're interested, you can keep an eye out for that, whether you're a fellow Christian or an atheist or someone from any other religion who just happens to find it interesting.

 I just kinda want to be more confident with my Christianity and my relationship to God but of course, I don't want to force it, that's insensitive. I know a lot of people with religious trauma, so if it's not your thing, then that's fine too. I've been getting more into the Bible and I'm reading from Genesis. I know it's not meant to be read from cover to cover but I want to read it like that for some reason. I also just love Genesis, I've read it so many time. I think I could make for a refreshing perspective. 

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