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I need to vent..

Today was a lot to handle.

Last night I barely slept, due to anxiety over my appointment with my neurologist and having to spend an hour in a car just to get there. Overall, I knew it would be stressful and I prepared as best I could.

However, there were a few curve balls that got thrown at me and I admit I didn't handle the situation that well.

Those being:

    A heavy thunderstorm that came out of nowhere. ( I don't do well during storms. Flare-ups happen, and it sends me into a spiral of pain. My joints swell, and my muscles ache to the point where I cannot think about anything but the pain. )

    Someone on the road decided it would be great to bop and weave through-out traffic and nearly caused a wreck. Which stressed out my partner, and friend who was driving me there.

It just upset me and I had one of those moments where I passed out from the stress. Nothing serious, but when I woke up we were just arriving and I have to quickly get out of the car ( with my partners help ).

Once we got upstairs, and were checking in the with the office manager things decided to turn shitty. I was in the bathroom while my partner was helping to sign me in. ( The first lady was trying to help, but the Office manager decided to roll over and interject. ) Once I came out, I heard a quiet but stern conversation between them..

Apparently, without notifying me or her, they cancelled my appointment.

The Office manager claimed that I sent an email cancelling my appointment. Which there was no email. Then she said: "We tried to call you, but you never answer your messages and there is no voice mail."

    She was lying. Because the number she had on file wasn't mine. It was off by four numbers.

    If there wasn't a way to reach me, my partners number is on file. So why didn't they contact her?

Rightfully, we were upset when she told us: "Well, we couldn't get a hold of you so the Neurologist went home for the day."

My partner told her, rather sternly, "That isn't his number. Here's his actual number. Remove the wrong one and put his correct one."

It just spiraled from there, and she kept being rude to my partner. So, we had to reschedule a week out because if we didn't we'd be waiting a month.

I'm trying my best to manage my mood, because my Neurologist was supposed to look over my scans and figure things out. She was also going to address me falling down the stairs. ( I informed her that my legs gave out over a week ago, and tumbled ass over tea-kettle. )

Today has been a lot.

That woman was horribly rude. I don't care what type of day someone was having, I get it, but you need to separate your shit and not be rude to patients..

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