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I think i'm getting old

Was at the store where they sell all the tunes and tech junk picking up a few CDs of bands I was into. Saw a few kids raving about this new band called "100 gecs", I thought that's what it was called at least. Right so they clicked this button on their computer doohickey and played it and Wow! It was nothing like I ever heard, I listened to a lot of music in my time, too. I like the rock and rolls and know how to get down to sweet jams, but it was just a completely new sound I NEVER heard! I went over and asked them what the song was called, what genre the group was, learned it was a "pop duo" (Like daryl hall and john oates) and this 100 gecs made "hyperpop". What the bloody hell is hyperpop??? Right, so there's a whole bunch of new ways people make music now and I had no clue this WHOLE TIME??? What am I someone's dad??? I'm only 27, what do I do!

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Forgot to say, song was called "stupid horse". It was interesting.

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