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🏳️‍⚧️phobia is so dies of cringe

so I ranted to my gma abt how these middle schoolers were making fun of me cause I’m visibly trans 🏳️‍⚧️ and I’m socially transitioned. Well, gma decided to blame me for that and said there’s no one else to blame but me and said how I shouldn’t have told anyone and I should’ve just kept it to myself and how boys don’t know any better cause they’re boys, and boys will be boys and and they can’t accept a girl wanting to be a boy and she even told me about this trans person who didn’t come out in high school but came out after they graduated and medically transitioned (it’s worse cause gma called that trans person a girl & she/her prns) so yeah basically in my families eyes it’s my fault I came out and I should’ve stayed in the closet cause things were easier for them to deal with and I should never come out cause transphobia exist so I should just stay in the closet to make transphobes feel better 

They’re such good ally’s /sarcasm (they say they’re ally’s but when I call them out on their queerphobia they get so upset and say “fine we won’t be an ally anymore see how you like that” or whatever)

Hate how I can’t rant to those who r supposed to be my “safe space” about the transphobia & bigotry I deal with everyday without them getting mad at me for being trans, and blaming me for being trans cause if I never came out and stayed in the closet I never would’ve experienced transphobia etc. 

Like I tell them how I experienced queerphobia today they begin to rant about how much they hate him trans but try to disguise it as a “I care for you so I wish you weren’t trans so you wouldn’t have to go through that” type of way

Gma even told me how I should’ve just stayed in the closet until high school is over but I didn’t so it’s my fault I was made fun of for being trans cause “I’m advertising it” and “want to be oppressed”

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I don't know you much, I honestly hate those fake ally, they're the worse but man I'm also trans, I only have come out to my close family. I'm sorry that you've gone through that, hope they get out of your life soon or maybe they'll change to realize what they're doing is wrong.

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thank you! but sadly they’re so stuck in their own ways and my family is a bunch of “bigoted stubborn know it alls who think they’re better than everyone else” so I don’t think they’ll ever change

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You're welcome and man, that's actually sad.

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aaron!!!!! 💥💥

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genuinely so fucked up. i hate victim blamers so much like it’s the asshole bigots faults???? jeez

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