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Table Of Contents

Digital Literacy Crash Course

Last Updated: 11/30/23

Current Status: WIP - See Updates

Topic Overview:

What Even Is A Computer?

The Ethereal Digital Space

Threats and Safety

  • Your digital identity - Why It Matters
  • Watch Where You Click - Phishing and Other Hostiles
  • Virus Protection and Scanning Your Downloads (BootyGuard)
  • The Age of Surveillance - VPNs, Secure Messaging, the TOR Browser, and the Deep Web
  • Other People and the Mantra of Digital Socialization

How To Keep Things From Going Wrong

  • Backing Up Your System - External Storage and the 3, 2, 1 Method
  • The Control Panel
  • Task Manager and Advanced Features
  • How Do You Even Read A Crash Log?
  • Does Defragging The Hard Drive Do Anything?
  • Clearing the Cobwebs - Cleaning Caches and File Habits
  • How To Re-Install Your OS for when you really fuck it up

Deeper Learning

  • HTML/CSS Basics
  • What the hell is Java?
  • Individuality in Decentralized Web - Making your own site
  • How To Google (SEO, ads, Google tricks, and why we care)
  • How To Stop Using Google - Aggregated and Alternative Search Engines
  • Troubleshooting and How To Fix Anything
  • Apps (Why Are They All Unique and How Do I Learn Them All)

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