I've been watching Nichijou and for some reason I just resonate with Yuuko. Like, you know when you watch something and you just understand a specific character in such a profound way. It happened when I read chainsaw man part 2, it happened when I watched better call saul. I guess if you ask an incel, they'll say it's a literally me character and I guess some people on this site would call it kinning. So ig, I kin Yuuko or Kin with Yuuko or Yuuko and I are kinning. Someone please tell me how to use this word in a sentence. 

Anyway, watch Nichijou. I know I've been doing One Great Scene with Freaks and Geeks but listen, each episode is 44 minutes long and don't have that kinda time. Next analysis will be out by Sunday latest tho. I just need Nichijou rn. You don't understand, I NEED NICHIJOU RN. it is like my coping mechanism right now. Everything's been kinda going to shit. My dog got attacked within an inch of her life, I'm swamped with school work, I'm sick with the cold, I haven't been doing anything besides school and Nichijou and sleeping. 

Anyway, that was kind of a vent, kind of just me talking about Nichijou. Don't be alarmed though, this rough patch in my life is reaching its end, I just need to suffer through it for like another week and I'll get everything back on track again.

Thanks for reading but you should be watching Nichijou 

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