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fondue dinnar summary + song recs

fondue was interesting. the food FUCKED CRAZY STYLE. cheese course, hotpot course, and dessert course. #yummy and such. unfortunately. THE PEOPLE I WAS WITH???!??!?!?!?!? on the way there in the car they spent 10 minutes laughing about how JULIEN BAKER was WRIST SLITTING MUSIC in front of their friend they know is/was a self-harmer. JAWDROP HORROR. 1) thats a normal thing to say. normal people say things like that. 2) JULIEN BAKER?????? SHE IS NOT???!!! 3) take my hand. i'll show you real wrist slitting music.

THOGEVER. they're all like. taylor swift cisgays. horrible. got misgendered the wholeeee time. BRUH. they know im #transgender. i don't care. 1 more year until college.

speaking of which i've been thinking and once i turn 18 there's nothing stopping me from buying trans tape and a foldable cane. i'll have to be sneaky about it but it's doable. especially if i order them to one of my friends' houses and come pick it up. who up scheming on how to make your life livable.

finally, some music i would ACTUALLY describe as wrist slitting music. sorry for the way that's phrased btw?!!!!! i'm not encouraging self-harm this phrase is just stuck in my brain. (julien baker/??!??!?). i'm a harm reduction supporter all the way. amen.
anyways. the playlist.
  • real men - mitski
  • there's nothing here worth dying for - black dresses
  • high to death - car seat headrest
  • look away - black dresses
  • dive in - pierce the veil
  • you scare me (virginia woolf) - sorry mom
  • never love an anchor - the crane wives
  • (you didn't, you weren't, i did - june henry)
  • fill in the blank - car seat headrest
  • vincent - car seat headrest
  • slither - black dresses

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