I keep forgetting to journal

I guess people journal to keep track of what's going on in their lives, and unfortunately I am all too aware of what's going on at all times. I wish I could spend a single second not overthinking but that's really just not who I am.

I've been meaning to write down my thoughts recently but I keep forgetting. But today is 9/17/2023 and I am currently in a temporary living situation in Encino. So broke and bougie would be the best way to word it.

The place I'm staying at says they don't want to be called a hostel, but realistically it is a house (albeit a fancy one) and there's like 20+ people living in it. I feel like that naturally comes off as a complaint but honestly I like it so far. It's lively once in a while, but more often quiet. It isn't as bustling as you would expect. Everyone really stays busy and minds their own. The house almost feels empty on weekdays. 

I've never had an issue doing laundry even though there's only one washer dryer set. Everyone is nice, and everyone is around my age.

It's comforting to know there's others in similar positions, although there has been mild eye-rolling when I've expressed my bright-eyed dreams of making it in America or whatever.

I haven't fully expressed realistically what I really want to do here. I'm not ready to talk about it. So I go for the most boring explanation- I'm a communications major looking for work.

I feel like before getting into this situation, I had an idea about hostels that most people would share. Inconvenient, maybe a little iffy in terms of sanitation, but at this point I almost advocate for everyone to try it. Although I do understand that not all hostels are built the same.

I feel incredibly comfortable and lucky.

The rest of my discomfort stems from my fear of not finding the work I need to sustain the lifestyle I've created.

I joined a stupid gym and got an apartment with a friend and I wonder how the hell I'm affording that lmfao.

Idk. Fuck.

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