People, adult people, on my twitter timeline are unironically obsessed with skibbidi toilet because a large mass of children made it popular and now you have a bunch of adults unrionically waiting on news about the latest news on skibiddi toilet content.

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Honestly, younger generations should not depend on internet and or tech as a baby sitter. When I have kids, it would be cool to show them the old shows I would watch on VHS tapes.

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Bro this isn't even about kids and them babysitting on online media, thats its own problem.

My blog post is me being flabbergasted by MOTHERFUCKIN 20+ ADULTS being obsessed with FUCKING SKIBBIDI TOILET because a bunch of kids are watching haha funny SFM and its popular with them and this is something that these adults, specifically on my twitter feed, give a serious fuck about, like they complain it exists, are mad about the manner in which it exists and that somehow its a symptom of the world collapse, to the point that they are wasting time and effort complaining about it and waiting on and taking special notice to tell other people about news about skibbidi toilet.

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Damn that’s weird, I thought the meme was weird but I don’t obsess over it.

Honestly, when I was younger online around 2006 when I was a kid, far more brutal stuff was popular, like reacting to shocking videos and posting it on YouTube.

Early internet was fucked up.

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