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[2023 - 09 - 15] Goodnight, Dear SpaceHey!

Today's Friday (Haven't went to bed yet, so for me, I'm still in yesterday land).
I had a vision to plan out every Fridays as Drinking Nights on VRchat. A night to gather round w blokes and enjoy the end of a week, to dance it out and let loose.

Today, that didn't happened. I didn't get on VR. A tad upsetting, but I feared me getting on, being the only one in the group drinking again and having to stimulate the party since strangers in the game never provide.

I want to have some people to drink and get all crooked and busted over a drinking game.

Instead, today, I spent my whole day on SpaceHey!

Been coding like crazy. Its absurd how this website has sucked me into itself.

I'm feeling like I'm learning and at the same time I'm feeling like I am making so much personalisation and custom things! I'm loving it!

Wish people would talk more tho. But I'm sure we'll get to that soon enough :)

Time to go to bed and rest. Hopefully I'll cough less tomorrow. Been on that timid cold for almost a whole month now.


- ME43 ★

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