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Today Marks the end of a week, I took two exams this week I asked both of them that's what it seems. I am excited about getting a service dog. I wonder if I'll be able to take him to work with me soon I will be working two days a week for HVAC company starting in December I am going to college for HVAC. Hoping that this money will come through soon tired of my tiny home just sitting in my living room I'm ready to stop paying rent and to start saving money and living partially Off the Grid.

I think I might be getting better I think I might be getting healthier I think whatever negativity that I've been experiencing could be just leaving my presence I hope it's leaving my presence cuz what is best for me is that all of these unwanted things that I never want to experience to be out of my presence while leaving me healthy and safe while it go somewhere else. And I pray yourself highest version of myself please assist in the safe removal of all these things that I never wanted to experience for that I am certain that I can live my life long and full without all of these unwanted things that I never wanted to experience at all thank you to my higher and highest self.

Say it that my motorcycle was not currently working I think I flooded the car terrible you know so basically it's my fault the car is flooded but maybe somebody can come over and empty the car and the next time I won't flood the car because technically nobody has really taught me how to ride the motorcycle I was just told that you usually feed the balance once it goes you put your feet up and you just pull the throttle back. I do wear a helmet.

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